I did not grow up surrounded by art or practicing art.  I do not have an art education.  What I do have is a hunger to have beauty and hold it before me. 

Many streams come together inside us all to  shape our paths.  These few examples are some Individual works, people, and places that continually shape me.



My only exposure to art was what I saw in school.  Flipping through the textbooks, I would work my way from the Indus River Valley civilization, Alexander the Great, Rome, and eventually end up with Brady's Civil War images and World War II posters.  I was fascinated with the Eastern Orthodox icons and Ansel Adams alike.  Below are a few individual works that stand out to me - some because of realism, some because of color, some for some unknown draw upon me.  Others are included simply as representations of a genre.


What is there to say.  There is no place like home.  My home rarely shouts.  It is docile, soft, always close, always ready to take from me all that I try to carry.

Ansel ADams